Top Financial Candidates
Candidate 1.  F& H Financial Manager
A passionate F&H candidate with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master’s Degree in Finance and Accounting. A Financial Specialist with 19 years’ experience in the Accounting, Banking, and Government finance.  This Top Candidate  successfully managed a portfolio of 25 businesses with a cocktail of pre-start-ups, start-ups and existing businesses with a capital outlay ranging from P 0.5 million P1 million. Monitored the above projects and provided management with feedback on their performance. The candidate is currently overseas and would like to get back into the corporate world.

Candidate 2. F&H Financial Manager
A self-driven, assertive and goal oriented F&H professional with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Political science. This outstanding candidate brings with her 23 years wealth of Banking experience in various fields including but not limited to Treasury/Financial Markets, Trade Finance, Asset Finance and Credit. She is currently looking to get back into the corporate world from overseas.

Candidate 3. F&H Financial Manager
A qualified accountant (FCCA), with a B.Com Degree in Commerce. This candidate has 26 years’ experience in Internal and External Auditing and Financial Accounting and System Implementation. An excellent Technology savvy F&H candidate with experience in selecting and overseeing software installations.

Candidate 4. F&H Financial Manager
A career driven F&H candidate, with a BCom Accounting Degree and a Diploma in Performance Auditing.  This energetic and highly professional candidate boasts strong organizational and analytical skills with 20 years’ experience in Accounting.

Candidate 5. F&H Financial Manager
Highly qualified F&H candidate with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, ACCA and a Masters of Business Administration. A Highly motivated, ethical and diligent Chartered Accountant with 19 years’ experience in operating successfully across a variety of sectors with a broad range of transferable skills. Commercially astute, with advanced business acumen and judgement, an ability to liaise effectively with partners of all levels and specialties, and the tenacity to achieve consistent levels of success in a challenging and fast paced environment.

Candidate 6. F&H Financial Manager
A brilliant candidate with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and currently studying ACCA (Skills-level). This outstanding F&H candidate with a flair for numbers, has 12 years’ financial experience in various fields including but not limited to Cash Management, System Administration, Purchasing, Inventory and Loans.

Top Human Resources Candidates 
Candidate 7. F&H Head of Human Resources/Director
F&H top caliber candidate with 19 years of diverse experience and deep knowledge in Organizational  Development  (OD)  and  Human  Resources  Management  methodologies  and methods; Organizational Design, Analysis and Change, Governance and Programme/Project Management. This candidate holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and a Masters in Project Management with extensive computer literacy skills.

Candidate 8. F&H Head of Human Resources/Director
A highly motivated and committed HR professional with over 15 years solid experience, focusing on Training and Development, Organizational Development, Industrial Relations, Change Management and Recruitment Services. This HR professional is a team player and is a natural when it comes to training and presentation. The candidate holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Management. 

Candidate 9. F&H Head of Human Resources/Director
An Energetic and Professional F&H Candidate with a Bachelor of Arts  Degree in Social Sciences and  a Master of Science Degree in Leadership and Change Management, with over 13 years’ experience in Organizational Development and Human Resources Management. This innovative and creative candidates boasts Quantitative Research skills, Conflict Management, Strategic Workforce Management etc.

Candidate 10. F&H Head of Human Resources/Director
A qualified F&H candidate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development, backed up by 11 years’ experience in Human Resources Management and Administration. Some of the skills the candidate specializes in include: Management and implementation of human resource management and development policies and procedures, Overseeing the recruitment and selection processes across departments, Providing technical human resource management and training and development expertise, Implementation of remuneration, employee relations, staff welfare and benefits administration etc

Candidate 11. F&H Head of Human Resources/Director
A career driven F&H candidate with 23 years of diverse experience and deep knowledge in Human Resources Management and administration. This candidate hods a Master of Science in Human Resources Management and a Master of Business administration. This HR professional boasts management and business skills, strategic thinking, change management etc. 

Top Client Relations Candidate
Candidate 12. F&H Client Relations Management – Manager
Dynamic F&H candidate with 8 years’ experience in Client Relations Management Role and strong Leadership, analytical and interpersonal skills. This high flyer successfully set up the Customer Care Unit for Complaints Management for consumer banking and designed and implemented Point Management system for data quality on contract acquisition which was geared towards determining sales commission eligibility. The candidate holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and Public Relations and a Management Development Programme.

Top Marketing and Management Candidate
Candidate 13. F&H Business Leadership, Marketing and Management Professional
This business professional has a Master of Business Administration [MBA] in Aerospace Management, Master of Science [M.Sc.] in International Marketing and Bachelor of Arts [B.A.] in Hotel & Hospitality Management. The candidate offers 16 years’ experience in business, leadership and marketing management. The candidate brings a wealth of experience and expertise in solution-oriented management, stewardship and client service excellence.

Top Information Technology (IT) Candidate
Candidate 14. F&H IT Specialist
This Young Dynamic Candidate with 13 years Information Technology experience, holds a Bsc (Hons) and (Hons) Diploma in Applied Business Computing and a Diploma in Information Technology. This vibrant candidate is passionate about self development and dedicates himself to his work and has become a fully fledged specialist in his portfolio of skills which include:
Java, C, C++, Mat lab, C#, .NET, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Office Access, LAN, WAN infrastructure setup, AUTOCAD etc

Top Aeronautical Engineer Candidate
Candidate 15. F&H Aeronautical / Mechanical Systems Engineer
An F&H professionally registered Aeronautical / Mechanical Systems Engineer with a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering as well as Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License. The candidate has over 20 years’ experience working on Aircraft equipment. Other experience includes project / programmes management, flight test and certification, quality assurance and industrial compliance systems. 

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