There are no hard and fast rules for a successful interview.  Use the tips below to prepare yourself for an interview. 

Preparation is very critical for any interview.

Know Yourself

It is important to talk about your skills and experiences with confidence to convince the employer that you are the right person for the job. Back up every statement you make with evidence.

Know the Company and Industry

Its important to conduct research on the company once your interview has been confirmed.  Find out about their opportunities as well as challenges, their strategic direction, and how the role you are being interviewed for fits into their grand plan. Demonstrating that you understand the business will separate you from other candidates.

Understand the Role

Use the brief that you get from the Recruitment Agency (if you are using one) to prepare for the interview, as this will help you structure your responses for maximum impact.. Learn as much as you can about the role.

Know how you will add value

It is important to demonstrate during the interview how you will assist the company to reach its goals. Think about why you want the job, and how you will approach the assignment, and draw from your previous achievements to do so.

Market yourself effectively

Its your moment, seize it and shine.  Maintain a positive attitude throughout the interview process. 

Finally, if you are not successful don’t get discouraged.  Get feedback, and use it as an opportunity to improve future performance.  Interviewing is a skill that needs to be perfected over time.


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